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Surface Design

The core strength of SURFACE DESIGN is our comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the exterior wall, from new design, fabrication and installation, to existing and traditional facade assembly restoration and upgrades.

A building’s exterior envelope is a complex boundary between nature and the controlled interior environment. Climate change, light, energy use, programming and the experience of the architecture need to be considered when developing the envelope. Our team is passionate about the creation of high performance facades that realize the vision and technical requirements of the design team.

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New Construction

When providing façade design assist services and documentation, we fully integrate advanced parametric software and BIM delivery systems. Implementing the latest technology, we develop the exterior wall system, study alternate solutions, represent the architectural intent via 2D drawings and 3D BIM models, and provide unparalleled market knowledge to assist the project team in their cost analysis and procurement.

Once the façade components are designed, we assist in the bidding, purchase, testing, manufacture and installation of the facade. This is achieved by writing the scope, assisting in the bidding process, reviewing the shop drawings, material submissions, visual and performance mock up testing and onsite supervised installation.

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Monitoring and Inspection Services

Quality assurance and quality control are critical components to any construction project. These processes are most effective when implemented as a holistic and continuous program from design through fabrication and installation. SURFACE Design takes an active role in ensuring that systems are manufactured and installed per the project documents, from visiting glass manufacturers to identifying deficiencies in the field.

Shop monitoring is one of the most valuable methods to identify and address potential problems before the wall system arrives on site. This type of continuous quality control ensures consistent fabrication of components and can also help prevent rejections and delays in the field. SURFACE offers shop monitoring services on our projects worldwide to verify that wall components and systems are manufactured in compliance with the approved design documents and specifications.

SURFACE Design offers full site monitoring services, including the inspection of all façade-related curtain wall installation, waterproofing, roofing and exterior sealant application. Inspection verifies compliance of work to the approved drawings, specifications and best industry practice and as required to sign off DOB TR-1 for facade. Our site monitors report observations on a daily basis and issue correction and deficiency lists which are used by the General Contractor as part of his QA/QC program.

In 2008 the City of New York adopted a new building code based on the International Building Code (IBC), which mandates “Special Inspections” for designated building components and systems. Special inspection agencies are required to be accredited and have certified professionals perform all Special Inspections. SURFACE Design is a fully accredited Class 1 agency, compliant with the International Accreditation Service (IAS) for Special Inspection in the following categories: Wall Panels, Curtain Walls, and Veneers; Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS); and Masonry Construction.

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Restoration, Landmarks & Historic Preservation

The preservation of existing structures is one of SURFACE DESIGN’s most passionate objectives. To us, working with historic structures is not only about conserving their physical aspects, it is also about preserving the individual story or imprint of a building. Historic Preservation is being able to place one’s self in the time continuum of the present, define one’s self within the richness of the past, all while looking ahead to the future.

Our Historic Preservation techniques and practices are rooted in traditional building systems but utilize today’s advanced technology and innovations to address complex documentation and maintenance issues, evaluate existing building materials, and prolong the life of historic buildings.

Our staff has extensive experience in dealing with existing buildings and working through the repair of building envelope assemblies, from the traditional to modern. Our knowledge of and disciplined approach to the evaluation process make us highly qualified to address the range of complex restoration techniques and sequences. We are well versed in local municipality facade inspection laws (Local Law 11 of New York), DoB and Landmarks Preservation protocol, and the corresponding complex approvals process.