Chau Chak Wing Building for Business Studies
owner / developer

University of Technology, Sydney


Gehry Partners


Sydney, Australia


Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Administration

system / type

Hand-laid brick masonry cavity wall & Curtain Wall


Completed 2014

This project began while AJ LaBelle was at Gehry Partners, and later he remained on the job as a consultant after the formation of SURFACE DESIGN. Our services included consulting from Design Development through Construction Administration. Frank Gehry’s vision for this project featured a sculptural brick facade that appeared to be folded and wrinkled. Traditional brick-laying techniques could not achieve the desired effect, but through extensive parametric modelling studies in Digital Project, we worked with the architect to develop a new application method for a heavily-corbelled hand-laid brick. By providing systematically rationalized geometry and accurately calculated member sizes and quantities, the contractor was able to build a performance mock-up that achieved the design intent.