Arturo Beccar Varela

Arturo Beccar Varela was born in Argentina where he started his professional activity in 1976 working as a student, for Architect Juan Molinos. Since 1978 until its dissolution in 1987, Mr.Beccar worked in Sánchez Elía Peralta Ramos office, one of the largest architectural firms of the last decades, where he participated in various projects, such as office buildings, private homes and hospitals.

After this apprenticeship, Mr.Beccar created with Emilio Beccar Varela in 1987 the office Beccar Varela‐ Sepra Arquitectos. As a partner and Director Project Manager he performed great variety of works of design, from office buildings, hotels, houses and factories to urban developments.

In 2002 he founded his own office, Arquitecto Arturo Beccar Varela y Asociados, which continues to develop its activity to date. The office has done works for international architects like Pelli Clark Pelli Architects, private clients such as Consutatio SA., Repsol‐YPF, BankBoston, Ledesma S.A. and Loma Negra S.A., and main contractors like Caputo S.A. and Obras Civiles S.A.

ABV’s core business is providing executive architecture, construction administration services, and project management on large scale projects, including schematic and conceptual design, as well as the development of complete construction documents and construction specifications for all building disciplines. Partnering with AJLP has enabled the expansion of ABV’s Latin American service offerings by providing international façade consultation at a local level.

Notable Current/Previous Experience